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tina orlando

* * * * * 1 week ago

I came to Massage Therapy By The Bay after many years of suffering chronic migraines. Other treatments hadn’t really worked for me. As soon as I met Rose I felt confident she would be able to help. Finally someone did!!! And seemed to really understand what I was experiencing. Within a few treatments, I have felt a definite improvement and this has continued. I would highly recommend Rose at Massage Therapy By The Bay.

Brett Graves

* * * * *  2 weeks ago

I have been receiving treatment from Rose for over 11 years. As an desk bound IT professional working long hours, she has allowed me to keep the active lifestyle I enjoy. If your looking for a Myotherapist, I highly recommend Rose.

Joanne Burke

* * * * *  2 weeks ago

Rose gave me relief from a headache I’d had for 3 days. She listened to my concerns and targeted the muscles causing the problems. She is a talented masseuse. Thanks


* * * * * 4 weeks ago

I’ve been seeing Rose for a few months now and already seeing results. She provides a personalised and holistic approach which has helped relieve tension and pain.

Liz Smith

 * * * * *  7 weeks ago

I have fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. Since having remedial massage and trigger point therapy, I have less pain and a much better quality of life. Rose and Luisa are very professional and dedicated to helping people. I highly recommend them.

Melinda MacBeth

* * * * *  7 weeks ago

I’ve been seeing Rose every month for the last 10 years due to issues in my back. That speaks for itself. Rose is amazing at what she does, she’s always on time, thorough in checking all areas that need work. I always leave feeling & Moving better than when I arrived.


* * * * *  8 weeks ago

I’ve been a hairdresser for longer than I care to mention. With that come the aches and pains that are inevitable. Rose and Luisa have brought me back from the brink of walking away from my much loved business. I go every month without fail (and have done so for years) Myotherapy is a non negotiable commitment I have made to my health and well-being. Whenever I have a physical problem they fix it and advise what I can do to help myself. I’m a very happy client.

Elizabeth Lopez

* * * * * 11 weeks ago

Rose is an amazing massage therapist. I love being physically active and train hard 6 days a week - running, boxing, weight training, circuit training and yoga. As I have aged, I have found a regular massage with Rose has allowed me to train as hard as people half my age and remain relatively injury free. She knows how to find those tight areas and massage them away. I have also found the dry needling she does on my tight hamstrings and glutes to be incredibly helpful. Rose’s knowledge, experience and expertise sets her apart others in her field.

Kendell Mcginty

* * * * * 11 weeks ago

I have been seeing Rose for more than 10 years for a regular Myotherapy and remedial massage. I have osteo arthritis, a hip impingement and problems with my neck and Rose has been an immense help in managing these issues for me. Her professionalism and knowledge of anatomy has been of enormous value to me and how I best manage my health as I approach 60 years of age. I have worked in the medical industry for more than 20 years, and have undergone a massage course myself, so I fully appreciate Rose's techniques and expertise in the ways she massages. I would highly recommend Rose for someone looking for a Myotherapist that can actually help and improve conditions that many people suffer from.

Peter Laurel Manuel Clarke

* * * * * 11 weeks ago

I have been seeing Rose and Luisa at Massage Therapy by the Bay for many years now. They are two highly skilled and trained practitioners, and they have helped me enormously with my many pain problems: remedial and relaxation massage to relieve tight muscles, Lymphatic Drainage/Massage to remove long-term swelling on my Arthritic knee, and Dry Needling to relieve the pain of a torn Gluteus tendon. Each session is tailored to my specific needs at the time. Thank you Rose and Luisa. Keep doing what you do so well. I would recommend your services to anyone with chronic or acute pain issues.

Anne Courtnay

* * * * *  11 weeks ago

Rose was recommended to me approximately 5 months ago . I have chronic pain in my legs at night and Rose has managed to reduce this pain significantly where no one else has been able to help. I have tried lots of different “experts” but Rose’s has been the one to help most with her expertise in needling and fantastic myotherapy treatments . Rose not only looks after my painful legs but my whole body wellbeing. I highly recommend Rose to anyone and in fact Rose now attends to my daughter as well . Thank you Rose 😊😊

Robert Breeschoten

* * * * *  11 weeks ago

I have just started to visit Rose at Massage Therapy by the Bay after she had been recommended. Rose is very knowledgeable, extremely friendly and has helped to provide a lot of relief after only two visits. I travel up from Balnarring and it is worth the 2+ hours round trip. For anyone seeking a Myotherapist, l strongly suggest that you contact Rose to discuss your needs.

Trudy Burt

* * * * *  11 weeks ago

I highly recommend Rose at Massage Therapy by the Bay. I have had regular sessions with her for the past few years. Not only are my massage sessions relaxing and enjoyable, I have seen improvements in chronic stiffness and pain in my neck and upper back. She helps keep my legs supple enough for my dancing lessons as well as doing the best foot massage ever! Rose has also treated my son for sinus issues providing effective and immediate relief.

Mick Jaensch

* * * * * 11 weeks ago

Being a middle aged runner has a constant source of niggles and sore spots. I have visited Rose monthly now for several years and she tailors each remedial massage session around my particular needs on the day. Her help has allowed me to achieve many sporting goals. I would warmly recommend Rose to any potential clients

vicki degrenis

* * * * * 12 weeks ago

I can’t recommend Rose highly enough, suffered for years with carpel tunnel & what doctors said only surgery will help. One session and l am truly amazed. Thank you Rose, l feel like l have new hands, constantly in awe at how l am now using my thumbs, something that would cause me agony just to do up a button. My whole family are now seeing Rose & l will recommend to anyone with full confidence.

Taviene Kessler

* * * * *  13 weeks ago

Rose is an experienced, knowledgable and caring therapist. Her skilful use of cupping and other techniques has assisted me greatly with my ongoing back issues. My monthly maintenance treatments with Rose are essential to me and keeping my body moving properly - I never miss them!

Greg Clinnick

* * * * *  13 weeks ago

I have been a frequent user of Massage by the Bay. Rose runs a professional operation and both her and Luisa are highly trained - not your average masseurs. I have had several injuries that they have sorted out for me. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Greg

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